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We have a few options on how you may purchase your bracelets / amulets.
We are available in a few select stores which we have listed below, or you can purchase directly from us at our On-Line Store.

What's the investment?

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Important on-line ordering information

Design Information

Disclaimer: These bracelets are not intended to replace medical therapy or your personal responsibility for yourself and your choices. If you require professional help of any kind, please consult a medical professional.

What’s the investment?

An abundance of energy (personal and universal ) has gone into each of these bracelets: from personalized beading, to having each one’s meaning channeled by an intuitive, to a three day cleansing, to a nine day blessing process, to researching and creating the keepsake cards … to you here today. Each bracelet is handmade with intention and purpose.

The cost investment for the bracelets is therefore the same, regardless of gemstones used - $100.

Even the cost of the bracelets has significance. Number 1 brings in the energy of the Magician in tarot and the ability to create the future you want. It is the number of new beginnings, of planting seeds for change and new growth. The final cost of $105 (with GST) adds up to “6” and in Feng Shui this is the number of balance. Also in Feng Shui, the more you pay for (and therefore value) a “cure”, the more powerful it is for you.

The cost also reflects a significant personal commitment on your part to work on aspects of your life that you want to transform. All change starts with you – with your intention and your commitment to yourself. You are number 1, the Magician. When you are ready to progress on your journey, synchronicity has a way of presenting the right tools at the right time. The rest is up to you.

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Get your Sacred Stones bracelet in stores

If you would like to choose from a Sacred Stones bracelet/amulet already created, a variety of Sacred Stones bracelets are currently available at the following stores. Each store has different bracelets available.

If you can't find a bracelet you want there, particular orders can be placed through the shops or through this website.

• Gypsy Chicks
4915A – 51 Avenue, Stony Plain

• Lifeforce Herbal Healing Centre
101 Signal Road, Fort McMurray

• Soul Food Books
#3, 213 – 19 Street, NW, Calgary

• Where Faeries Live
10425 - 79 Avenue, Edmonton

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How to order your Sacred Stones bracelet

1.Choose your Sacred Stones bracelet/amulet/jewelry from the list below.

2.Click the 'Add to Cart' button beside your choice of bracelet to pay by credit card, or see below to pay by postal mail.

3.Once your order has been placed, I will email you to get the exact size of your wrist, what type of beads you generally like (big or small) and if you like to have a larger center stone in the bracelet or if you prefer more of a uniform type of style.

Because specific gemstones are required, there may be times when a certain gemstone is not available.  If that is the case, you will be notified and you can either choose another bracelet or be reimbursed.

4.All Sacred Stones gemstone jewelry are intuitively hand-beaded and then go through a complete cleansing and intense blessing process which takes a minimum of 3 weeks.
Shipping will therefore occur in approximately 4 weeks.


GST applies to all products and shipping on Canadian orders.


Shipping charges will automatically be added to your order: (GST applies to shipping charges within Canada)

1 bracelet - $10
2 bracelets - $12
3 bracelets - $15
4 bracelets - $18
5 bracelets and up - $21

Online Payments by Credit Card

All prices on this website are listed in Canadian dollars.

If you are not using a Canadian credit card, your balance will automatically be calculated and put through your credit card in your own currency.

Payments are accepted through our website using Paypal's secure shopping cart.

You don't need a Paypal account to pay using your credit card. Simply enter your credit card number and information as usual, and your order will be processed.

Payments by Cheque

If you prefer to send a cheque or bank draft, please enclose a note with your choice of bracelet, and send your cheque or bank draft in Canadian dollars via postal mail to:

Sacred Stones Personal Growth Jewelry Ltd.
Box 80588 Bellerose PO,
St. Albert, AB, Canada
T8N 7C3

NOTE: Canadian customers please add GST to your total including shipping.

Refund Policy

To return an item for an exchange or refund, deliver it back to us within 7 days from purchase date. All items must be unworn, still be attached to the original keepsake card and without defects to receive a refund or exchange. If you have any questions please contact us.

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Design Information

Choose your Sacred Stones bracelet/amulet/jewelry from our On-Line Store. You may intuitively select by Spirit Helper, gemstones used, colours, or qualities/properties - whatever feels right to you. Get more information for how to choose your Sacred Stones gemstone jewelry here.

Bracelets for men are indicated with an asterisk ( * ) but a few others can be modified into men's bracelets also.

Bracelet Designs

Please note that all bracelets ordered through the website are handmade at the time of ordering. This means that each bracelet is unique and made especially for you (so please include your wrist size in your order). Because of this, the exact design and bead sizes of the bracelet may not match the photo shown below, but your bracelet will definitely contain each type of gemstones indicated.

What this means is you can have your bracelet tailored to your personal taste (dainty, clunky, etc.) and I will intuitively choose the design/beads that I think will help you the most (and that you’ll love). Once your order is placed I will email you to see what type of bead size you like.

If you would like your bracelet to look exactly like the photo, please indicate that and if those exact beads are available, I’ll definitely make it as close as possible.

Keepsake Cards

Your Sacred Stones gemstone bracelet/amulet also comes on a beautifully designed special keepsake card inscribed with the information specific to your amulet, including a description of the gemstones used, messages that offer you insight into how your Spirit Helpers have intended you to benefit from your bracelet/amulet, and instructions for wearing and cleansing it. Each card description contains about 400 words of information, specific to each individual bracelet.

Here is an example of the personalized information on one of the bracelet’s cards:

GREEN TARA - this amulet is for new beginnings and releasing old patterns.
This bracelet is very connected to spring time and therefore is a wonderful renewal piece. It peels away the old layers and allows you to feel replenished and vibrant. This bracelet will draw to you a sense of lightness, renewal and a joyful heart. It has an adventurous spirit and is largely about allowing new seeds of possibilities to grow inside to produce a more authentic you.

One of the things that will happen as you wear this bracelet is you will come to terms with releasing aspects of your life that are no longer renewing or supporting you. This may be physical clutter or it maybe the people in your life that are heavy and dragging your energy down.
The FLUORITE allows you to start eliminating all those old things that hold you back, especially old structures, habits and patterns. So it isn’t just material things that are cluttering your life. Certain mind-sets are also cluttering for you. There are structural ‘thought’ grids in your cellular energy and the fluorite will start to dissolve the ones that are no longer beneficial for you.
The AVENTURINE brings in the willingness to step forward with the new ideas and opportunities. It gives you the courage and faith to welcome in the new with the attitudes of adventure and excitement. There is always an element of trust that is necessary in order to allow in new beginnings and the goddess Green Tara will assist you in finding that inner stillness and strength.
TARA means ‘star’ and she acts like a guiding star to light your way as you make choices and plant the seeds for new beginnings. She is about balance and understanding that the intent and the thoughts behind the new seeds can produce either fruit or weeds, depending on your choices. Green Tara can be called upon in emergencies and will help you overcome obstacles.

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Please email us if you have questions about any of the bracelets.

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Gemstone jewelry designed for personal growth ...
drawing on the innate sacred healing and transformational qualities of each gemstone.

Disclaimer: These bracelets are not intended to replace medical therapy of any kind or your personal responsibility for yourself and your choices.