Connie Brisson

The Sacred Stones Story

My story is really an 'old' story.

Long ago, the initial reason that ancient cultures valued and began wearing gemstones was that they could feel and see the powerful, healing and transformative energies of Mother Earth's crystals and gems.

They noticed that the energies of certain gemstones could help them with different things - turquoise brought power, luck and protection, citrine attracted more abundance, carnelian instilled courage and dispelled fear, garnet attract5ed victory and amber absorbed toxins, to just name a few.

These gemstones became powerful helpers/amulets and, in an attempt to keep the gemstones close to their bodies, our ancestors came up with inventive ways of carrying them, which eventually became the templates of necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewelry.

I didn’t wear a lot of gemstone jewelry before, but as I've come to know more about the world of Spirit, vibrations and the Law of Attraction, my love and appreciation for the power of crystals and gemstones has grown tremendously. Not only are they physically beautiful, once you understand what they do for you on a vibrational and spiritual level, you can see why everyone loves gemstone jewelry (whether they understand the deeper, subconscious, healing aspects or not). We are always attracted (unconsciously and consciously) to the things that can help us grow.

My love for crystals and gemstones began about 20 years ago. I bought a gemstone bracelet from one of my teachers, Skye MacLachlan, and I just loved it. In fact, I wanted many, many more. So I went to a local gemstone store (The Rock & Gem Shop) and bought a few different strands of beads, based on their metaphysical healing properties and what I was attracted to.

I made some beautiful bracelets and brought them all to an appointment I had with Skye, excited to hear her intuitive insights on each one. And as they say, the rest is history. Once I heard the amazing, different ways that each bracelet could help others change, I knew that making these bracelets was part of my purpose.

With Skye's extensive knowledge of crystals and gemstones and her channeling abilities, she determined the mystical qualities each bracelet had, who it was meant to help, how it should be cleansed, the precise blessing process and who the powerful mystical Spirit Helper (goddess, god, angel, fairy, power animal) would be for the gemstone combination I had created.

Then I bought every book I could find on the gemstones and the different Spirit Helpers and, with all of this information woven together, I created detailed keepsake cards for each bracelet which describe the type of person the amulet can help, its mystical and healing qualities, and the complete cleansing process for the bracelet.

As time went by and I became more familiar with the gemstones, their energies and also with the Spirit Helpers' energies and messages, I began to add that new information to the cards. As I've grown and evolved, so have the bracelets, their meanings and their energies.

After beading each of the amulets, I follow a certain process - a blessing - in order to invite the higher vibration of the gemstones and also the Spirit Helpers involved. Every amulet I make goes through a three day cleansing that contains all the elements (earth, water, air, fire), followed by a nine day “blessing” process where I dedicate the amulets to the Spirit Helpers involved in a ritual Skye taught me, which I’ve added onto over the years as I have worked with these magical energies.

As the Sacred Stones jewelry emits its vibrational energy, your old vibrational patterns and beliefs will rise up and rub against the new vibrations, qualities and energies that the gemstones and Spirit Helpers are consistently radiating to you (as you are meant to wear the amulet constantly). While these times of change can be uncomfortable, rest assured that you are attracting the exact experiences that will help you make the self discoveries you need to free and transform yourself.

When you combine the metaphysical energy of these amulets with the mental energy of your focused attention and intention, you increase and strengthen your potential to make incredible transformative changes. Your intention, the reason you are wearing the amulet, mixes with and amplifies the energies aligned with the bracelets.

By becoming aware of your thoughts, habits and patterns you can create your life from a conscious place. Where there is a new awareness, change will inevitably follow.

In Feng Shui, when something breaks, it means that it has energetically fulfilled its purpose for you. I found that magical and so I thought, why not deliberately intend that purpose right into these amulets and ask Spirit to give the amulet wearer a message (a “breakthrough”) at that moment the amulet breaks?

So I really love that when the Sacred Stones bracelets break (absorbing and releasing whatever you needed to let go of), it actually represents a powerful “breakthrough” for you. I know there is some irony in that, as usually when jewelry breaks it is a loss. But in this case, when the amulet breaks, it is a celebration - a sign that you've done some deep work and have made a significant breakthrough in your progress and journey. Because there is an intended message from the Spirit world when the amulet breaks, you need to stop in that moment and recognize what the message is for you.

I was speaking to someone who has had many Sacred Stones bracelets and she told me a story of how her Ganesh bracelet broke on the last day of her completion of years of yoga training. (The Ganesh bracelet is all about helping people overcome obstacles and bringing their inner gifts and talents out into the world. What a confirmation!) In the meanwhile she was still wearing the Mary Magdalene bracelet (for three years) and was excited to see what personal breakthrough its breaking would mark for her.

I've had bracelets that have lasted for years and one that only lasted a week (but the message that came when that bracelet broke was immense and intense). Each bracelet is carefully constructed so it's important that you know that the breakage isn't a workmanship issue. It's a sign of a “breakthrough” and there is always a message from the Spirit world attached to when it breaks for you.

Just a few weeks ago, I had a difficult talk with a family member after a long period of disconnection. When it was over, I thought about another family member and whether I should reach out to her - and I can’t make this up – a Sacred Stones bracelet I was wearing (for six months) actually just undid and fell off my wrist onto my foot.

When I felt something fall on my foot, I looked down and saw it was my bracelet. When I picked it up, I saw that it had NOT broken but had actually just unclasped somehow (and it was all still perfectly intact). I’ve never had that happen to me before and I was astounded. It’s always so amazing to me the way that Spirit gives us messages and these bracelets are purposely designed to do just that.

While no one ever wants jewelry to break, I think that the beauty of when the amulet breaks is that it forces you to “freeze frame” a moment in your life to look/hear/feel a message that you might otherwise overlook. At that moment, there is a message that Spirit wants you to “get” and the bracelet helps you get it.

That is the beauty of wearing an amulet that has a purpose, that has a higher vibration. The gift isn't just in its physical beauty - but in its deeper spiritual beauty too. It's a reminder that you are a beautiful work in progress and you're never alone.

Note: This information is for educational purposes only. It’s intended to supplement your current health program, not to replace the care of a licensed medical doctor. Thoroughly research this topic for yourself.

Gemstone jewelry designed for personal growth ...
drawing on the innate sacred healing and transformational qualities of each gemstone.

Disclaimer: These bracelets are not intended to replace medical therapy of any kind or your personal responsibility for yourself and your choices.